Osric, the Dauntless Blade is a melee pusher from the Creation domain.


A realm known for years only by its inventions and not its military might, Osric single-handedly set out to make sure the Domain of Creation would be seen as strong. While others preferred to focus on innovation and the arts, Osric became the youngest soldier to be Leader of the Protectorate. With quick thinking and an inspirational command style, Osric is best around allies, leading them into combat with an admirable confidence that inspires all around him

Heroic charge
Heroic Charge: Heroic Charge can be used to initiate a fight, getting Osric right into the fray. 

Heroic Charge can also be used to flee battle. If you’re being chased by an opponent, quickly cast Heroic Charge to distance yourself from an enemy.

Osric Heroic Charge00:05

Osric Heroic Charge


Divine strike
Divine Strike: Divine Strike deals moderate damage to a single target. Divine Strike's added strength is its ability to heal Osric and any surrounding allies when it is used for a killing blow.Divine Strike can be used on enemy Guardians, as well as minions, making it excellent for pushing.
Osric Divine Strike00:06

Osric Divine Strike


Sword storm
Sword Storm: Sword Storm damages all opponents near Osric, making Sword Storm great for team fights, as well as pushing a lane.Sword Storm can be cancelled at any time by pressing its hotkey (E) while the ability is active.
Osric Sword Storm00:05

Osric Sword Storm


Into the fray
Into The Fray(Ultimate): Into The Fray shields Osric from a determined amount of damage for 8 seconds.The amount of damage shielded by Into The Fray will increase if multiple allies and enemies surround Osric.Into The Fray is great for team fights and pushing as it increases Osric’s ability to tank creeps, enemy Guardians, or towers.
Osric Into the Fray00:09

Osric Into the Fray


Osiric 1

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