Nyri, the Lightning's Strike is a ranged slayer from the Air domain.


Although born in another Dominion, Nyri fights for Stridis with utmost devotion. Gifted with a bow that allows her to channel lightning, Nyri stays out of reach in battle while she launches her lightning arrows with precise aim. Recently, rumors have surfaced that her village may have been destroyed years ago at the hands of another Guardian. An expert hunter and tracker, Nyri is searching for any information she can find and will not stop until she has an answer or has drawn her last breath.

Charged shot

Charged Shot: Charged shot is a great way to deal damage to a single target. Use it from behind a minion wave to deal extra damage to a hard-to-reach enemy Guardian. Use Charged Shot to target a fleeing enemy for a finishing blow or snipe an enemy from the safety of your tower.

Nyri Charged Shot00:05

Nyri Charged Shot


Chain lightning
Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt is a skill shot ability that deals damage to the first target it hits. 

Thunderbolt does more damage the further it travels, making the ability great for picking off fleeing opponents.

Nyri Thunderbolt00:04

Nyri Thunderbolt


Ball lightning
Ball Lightning: Ball Lightning can slow a group of opponents from a distance, allowing Nyri to keep her enemies at bay while she lays down some extra damage.

Ball Lightning can also be used defensively to slow opponents down, separating Nyri and her allies from enemies.

Nyri Ball Lightning00:05

Nyri Ball Lightning


Light the sky
Light the Sky(Ultimate): After unlocking her ultimate, Nyri's basic attacks and abilities apply charges to their targets. When a target has 5 charges, activate the ability to deal massive damage and consume the charges.

Light The Sky is great for finishing off wounded opponents

Nyri Light the Sky00:08

Nyri Light the Sky


Nyri 0

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