Morlock, the Frenzied Executioner, is a melee slayer from the Death domain.


Tucked away from the realm until death seized him, Morlock only wishes to bring the same fate to all those around him. Able to disappear from sight, Morlock is frightening enemy that will appear behind his target, his weapons of bone piercing through their flesh with precision and ease. Morlocks release by Marith has given him an insatiable hunger to kill, forcing his enemies to put their backs against the wall while their ears twitch for any sound that the creature is near.

Drain soul 0
Drain Soul: Drain Soul can be used from a distance, making it ideal for chasing down fleeing opponents.

Use Drain Soul defensively by slowing opponents that are chasing allies.

Morlock Drain Soul-000:03

Morlock Drain Soul-0

Spine sever
Spine Sever: Morlock deals extra damage if attacking an enemy from behind, so using Spine Sever on a fleeing opponent or coming out of Shadow Stalk from behind them is the most opportune time to use the ability.
Morlock Spine Sever00:03

Morlock Spine Sever


Shadow stalk
Shadow Stalk: Shadow Stalk is a great way to surprise an opponent and get the jump on them.

Shadow Stalk can also be used to chase down a fleeing enemy. Lastly, Shadow Stalk is great for retreating when low on health.

Morlock Shadow Stalk00:06

Morlock Shadow Stalk


Soul flayer
Soul Flayer(Ultimate): Use Soul Flayer on a fleeing opponent to deal massive damage for a finishing blow.Using Soul Flayer on an opponent with low health is the most efficient way to use the ability. If a target dies from the ability, Morlock will not receive a cooldown.
Morlock Soul Flayer00:04

Morlock Soul Flayer


Morlock 0

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