Khar, the Caged Inferno, is a melee tank from the Fire domain.


When Vala infused her power with the flames of the Cinder Crags, her first Guardian was born. A hulking creation with immense power, the elemental Khar was immediately a threat to the lands he was meant to protect. Vala quickly forged armor and confined Khar within, his power limited but controllable. In command of Vala's armies, Khar only leads those into battle that he deems worthy. With hammer raised, Khar tirelessly moves through the Domains only leaving a trail of fiery devastation behind.

Burning pain 0
Burning Pain: Use Burning Pain to get the jump on a group of opponents by engaging them from a distance.

Launching an attack from the bushes will give you an even greater element of surprise.

Khar Burning Pain00:04

Khar Burning Pain

Blazing soul
Blazing Soul: In addition to dealing a fair amount of damage, Blazing Soul can also be used to harass opponents from afar. The slight range the ability has allows Khar to deal damage to his opponents without committing to a fight.

Blazing Soul can also be used to keep Guardians from regenerating out of combat, allowing Khar to keep his prey low on health for extended periods of time.

If a Guardian is running away, don’t forget to cast Blazing Soul on them for a chance of killing them with the damage over time.

Khar Blazing Soul00:06

Khar Blazing Soul


Hot shell
Hot Shell: Hot Shell can be used both offensively and defensively. Stun a group of opponents to initiate a team fight or stop an opponent from continuing to chase an ally.

Casting Hot Shell while hiding in the bushes will provide Khar with a definite advantage, allowing him to prep Hot Shell under cover and emerge with an immediate stun.

Khar Hot Shell00:06

Khar Hot Shell


Fire nuke
Fire Nuke(Ultimate): Fire Nuke can be deadly to multiple enemies, especially when paired with Hot Shell. Use Hot Shell just before using Fire Nuke to make sure no enemy can escape. Fire Nuke’s ability to pull enemies towards Khar can be used in a home tower’s range for an assisted kill. Use the ability as a Guardian is pushing a tower to turn the tides of battle. Fire Nuke can also annihilate waves of minions by dealing massive damage; a great ability for pushing or defending.
Khar Fire Nuke-000:04

Khar Fire Nuke-0


Skin1 0

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