Fathom, the Frozen Bulwark, is a melee tank from the Water domain.


Unlike others in the Domain of Water, Fathom prefers solitude to companionship. He can usually be found alone in the icy waters and mountains that he calls home and has never entered the main city of Laenmar. While Fathom may not partake in the community within the realm, he believes firmly in their goal and felt obligated to accept Haroon's request to become a Guardian. Regardless of his reasons, enemies should fear this giant's strong punches and lengthy reach.

Heavy handed 0
Heavy Handed: Use Heavy Handed to knock an opponent into the range of your towers or into a group of allies.Heavy Handed can also be used to protect Fathom from a charging opponent, knocking them back and leaving Fathom a safe distance away.
Heavy Handed w graphic00:20

Heavy Handed w graphic


Snow boulder
Snow Boulder: Engage an opponent with Snow Boulder from far enough away to stun them, creating an opportune time to cast Fathom’s ultimate, or, allow allied Guardians to pounce on the enemy.Snow Boulder can also be used to stop a fleeing opponent dead in their tracks, giving Fathom or his teammates time to catch up to the enemy for a killing blow.
Snow Boulder w graphic00:21

Snow Boulder w graphic


Snow crash
Snow Crash: Snow Crash is great when used on a group of opponents.Use Snow Crash to slow all who surround Fathom and give teammates the opportunity to pick off enemies one at a time. Snow Crash can also be used defensively to slow an opponent from chasing down an ally.
Snow Crash w graphic00:17

Snow Crash w graphic


Get over here
Get Over Here (Ultimate): Get Over Here is great when used as an initiation ability.Pull your opponent into a bush with your allies or into the range of your tower for a quick kill. When paired with Snow Crash, Get Over Here can be lethal.
Get Over Here w graphic00:17

Get Over Here w graphic


Fathom sprite

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