Summary Edit

There are six domains in TOME immortal arena, they all feature different Guardians are Vala (Fire), Stridis (Air), Amara (Creation) , Haroon (Water), Gol (Earth), and Marith (Death).


Guardians Edit

In the domains there are a total of 20 guardians.

In the Vala domain there are three guardians their names are Cyrus, Khar, and Serafine.

In the Stridis domain there are four guardians, Jin, Nyri, Robin, and Valora.

In the Amara domain there are three guardians, Osric, Talia, and Vandus.

In the Haroon domain there are four guardians, Azura, Fathom, The Krugas, and Tritus.

In the Gol domain there are three guardians, Basati, Auberon, and Orlon.

And finally in the Marith domain there are three guardians, Jeyde, Malbus, and Morlock.

Blessings Edit

Whenever you play a guardian you gain devotion to the domain they belong to. Whenever you reach a new level of devotion you unlock one of the three blessings from that domain.

Up to two blessings may be equipped per match, each providing a great advantage.

(See to original blessing page for all blessings)

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