Auberon, Essence of the Wilds is a ranged tactician from the Earth domain.


Though peaceful and reflective in his daily life, Auberon proves his worth to those that fight alongside him. Expanding upon his physician's skills from when he was human, Auberon is able to heal in the midst of battle. Auberon proves that there is more to war than combat, turning seemingly lost fights into victories with a single spell. Auberon has a myriad of ways to hinder his enemies, making each encounter frustrating and forcing them to quickly change tactics.

Natures blessing
Natures Blessing: Auberon can use Nature’s Blessing to heal himself or an ally.

Nature’s Blessing can turn the tides of a fight, especially when paired with Auberon’s other abilities. Nature’s Blessing is a strong heal and should be used wisely when fighting with an ally.

Auberon Nature's Blessing00:07

Auberon Nature's Blessing

Spirit owl
Spirit Owl: Spirit Owl does a moderate amount of damage while also silencing an opponent.

Use Spirit Owl to shut down a charging opponent or for the last hit on a retreating opponent with low health.

Auberon Spirit Owl00:04

Auberon Spirit Owl

Binding roots
Binding Roots: Binding Roots is an excellent ability for initiation and can also be used for harassing opponents while in a lane.

Immobilize a group of enemies to initiate a team fight and follow up with Spirit Owl to completely shut down an opponent. Target a fleeing opponent to stop them in their tracks for a finishing blow.

Auberon Binding Roots00:04

Auberon Binding Roots


Bird storm
Bird Storm(Ultimate): Bird Storm deals moderate damage, and renders an opponent unable to attack effectively.

When paired with Spirit Owl and Binding Roots, Auberon can keep an opponent at bay long enough for an ally to kill the unlucky target.

Auberon Bird Storm00:10

Auberon Bird Storm


Auberon 0

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